Friday, November 11, 2011

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The following is the most-recent articulate statement from Doug Buchanan, a true Alaskan anarchist if there ever was one.  If you've never read any of his previous work, you will no doubt close this page after the first paragraph or two.  He is an acquired read, but worth the time if you are interested in deeply-seeded problems, and how to solve them.


Reactions to the news.... 20 October 2011

The common daily "news" primarily emphasizes the social contradictions or problems of the world. That is what the human mind commonly wants to hear, by design, because the mind is a contradiction identification and resolution device. It likes to try to solve problems. Do not worry about tomorrow. The world will still be on the brink of disaster, on schedule. The primary problems and disasters in the news change upon any one becoming boring, but each will be revisited soon enough. There are a finite number of disaster and woe concepts among the controlling concepts.

Many people worry or are anguished to some degree in regard to the ongoing disasters, wrongs and varied other maladies of society.

But wait. Why be anguished about a certainty? Does your mind enjoy being anguished, angered or worried? No. Your mind would rather be laughing, by design. It would rather resolve the contradictions, much to its satisfaction, or laugh at the folks who remain confused by the problems, without their even partially figuring out how to solve the problems.

But your mind will not let you laugh at the wars and counterproductive government bureaucracy that are costing you much tax money, and are increasingly angering "the other guy" whom you know will inherently "retaliate", etceteras. "To hold the other guy down, you must stay down with him", and fear when he or his people escape you.

However, your mind was designed to laugh at the damaging contradictions you recognize, that the other guy does not recognize, if you recognize the flawless resolution of the contradiction that the other guy hopelessly refuses to learn to recognize. That description is the description of a joke or comedy. The dumb guy "just doesn't get it".

If you learn intellectual technology, and thus FULLY UNDERSTAND every part of a contradiction, from the most detailed part to the full synthesis of all the parts, and therefore the flawless resolution, you will laugh at all the daily news of all the major and minor contradictions humans can create, and learn to discreetly not laugh out loud among those people who are still confused and irritated by how humans can be so ignorant, malicious, greedy, dishonest, power-craving and other descriptions of the origin of damaging contradictions.
The parents of the government crony rich, the government licensed banksters and lawyers, the government war mongers, and the other sources of major social contradictions, and the people confused by the lack of manifested solutions to problems, teach their children to be as ignorant as the parents, to sustain the age-old pattern of social problems based on perpetuating the ignorance of each ignorant person's part in creating the problems.

Ignorance is eliminated by learning knowledge. Knowledge is learned by asking and answering questions. Government does not ask and answer questions to resolve contradictions. Government creates contradictions, the only possible result of using power above reasoning, then it tells people what to do, under threat of jail or seizure or assets, vastly compounding the contradictions and their damages. In contrast, YOU can learn knowledge.

If you learn intellectual technology the wars, political fighting, damaging conspiracies, terrorism, torture, denials of human rights, evils of this and that, and those other guys who just will not do as they are told, are all amusing comedies for which your mind will hold the entire script, know the easily manifested solutions, and know each next event.

What? You want Obama to win the election, or his opponent to win, and want them to solve the nation's problems? Too easy. You want Obama or his opponent to become the most respected and admired leader in human history? Still too easy. Maybe two days after he learns intellectual technology. One, if he first uses a couple days at his desk to organize the list of problems.

Perhaps you want to regain your favorite human right, from those contemptible government sorts who make their money putting people in prison for damaging nobody. Even easier. It is a single issue. Or perhaps you are that contemptible government sort who wants those ungrateful citizens to do as they are told. Still too easy. The process is just knowledge. Any human mind in any body can learn it. It is just a boring process, after you learn the knowledge.

If one were to be told the controlling concept of the controlling concepts of the series such concepts which must each be FULLY UNDERSTOOD to recognize why all the human-caused contradictions in the news exist, it would be the concept of "power" in the human mind. It is just a concept. It can be learned to the extent that you can cause power in any other mind to do as you say. And it is just boring basic science process.

The human mind's ability to function on institutional power, instead of individual reasoning (impartial neural process), and the mind's absolute inability to understand, on its own, what power is, how it is perceived from institutional stimuli, and how it functions in the human mind, after the mind perceives that it holds power, is the source of 100 percent of all human-caused contradictions.

You need only understand that one concept, to then easily learn the other controlling concepts, including the detailed source and promptly manifestable solutions to all social problems.

Now think. If a power-damaged human mind could recognize what power is, and how it functions in the human mind, it would stop using the laughably limited concept of institutional power, and start using its unlimited individual reasoning process, the process that obviously solves all problems, by design of reasoning.

What do you want? It is yours if you use the reasoning process. If you use "power", it will cost you vastly more than it is worth, and then it will be taken away from you.

It is useful to therefore state that if a power-damaged human mind could recognize the concept of "shame", wars would immediately end. Who, among the readers of these words, holds a mind that CANNOT recognize the "shame", by that word, of conducting a war that kills even one innocent civilian? The answer is, 100 percent of military personnel and the politicians of any nation conducting any war, among the spectrum of other institutionally power-damaged minds.

Who would hire and pay taxes to pay the salaries of such primitive minds which are so intellectually incapable that they cannot even recognize the common concept of "shame" that keeps reasoning people from doing damaging and thus shameful things?
Read that question again, slowly.

Who votes for the American DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime Congressmen, and cannot understand the results of THEIR action? Why is a joke amusing to the extent of causing laughter? The subject of the joke cannot understand the contradiction identified in the joke by the people telling and hearing the joke. Who cannot recognize the contradiction of voting for DemocanRepublicrats then complaining about the government? Are not the people who are sufficiently intelligent to understand the contradiction laughing at the daily news that anguishes ignorant fools?

Now think. If a military person of any rank, could recognize the concept of "shame", and therefore recognized that all shameful actions must be eliminated from military process, to thus remove all damaging contradictions, said person could use the reasoning process (asking and answering all questions of each contradiction), to devise a war that would be won upon announcement of the process, without any damage to anyone. It is laughably easy. Would not such a person promptly become the world leader by request of the world's people? That process has been openly offered to US military leaders and agencies for the last decade, as well as Israeli, Russian and other military leaders in the world. Imagine the amusement of attempting to communicate with a rock. A rock better understands the concept of shame, than does a power-damaged human mind. The rock will attempt no words that compound its expression of ignorance.

Yes, the vast financial wealth of the power-damaged minds of the US Military Industrial Complex chaps (and their offspring) who own the power-damaged minds of the military generals and US Congress, is dependent upon a constant supply of power-damaged minds of military generals and all ranks down to private, and holds that supply because they are each institutionally produced power-damaged minds which VERIFIABLY CANNOT understand the concept of "shame" or what the perception of power does inside the human brain.

It is not an Afghan military that the US military is fighting in Afghanistan, or "terrorists". Just like in Vietnam, they are poor farmers inherently defending their land against invaders. And the US military folks, thus "Americans", are slaughtering the Afghan farmers in their individual homes with their families. And the power-based US news media is lying to Americans, for the US government, approximately 100 percent of the time, sometimes more, for a reason fully explained elsewhere. Does the news media have "power"?

If any of the Military Industrial Complex company executives learned intellectual technology, and as a military / Congressional insider, conveyed the knowledge to the military generals or Congressmen, that company would quickly derive the great majority of the military contracts and budget, becoming the most-sought military systems and supply company in the world. Its personnel would earn and be paid higher salaries, and sought by other companies. There is nothing magic or mysterious about the knowledge. It is just plain basic boring hard science process that grade school kids can learn. Enjoy the amusement of the writer of these words. You could duct-tape any Military Industrial Complex company executive or employee to a computer with these words on the screen, and the sticky part of the duct tape would dry out before his power-damaged mind could understand the substance of these words.

The institutional process which offers that endless supply of power-damaged minds for the inherently doomed wealth of the Military Industrial Complex is what you need to learn, to understand what power is, and how it functions in YOUR mind and that of each other human mind, by design. Your mind was born as a biological reasoning device. It had no understanding of institutional power until it was taught, the same way every mind was taught what it perceives.

Among the many processes of such teaching, including those which would most intrigue and amuse you, including those which preclude the peace-advocating institution of Buddhists from learning how to achieve peace, a more obvious process is that of those "damn liberal anti-war" Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) journalists, and their ilk, incessantly "pounding into the heads of your children", and you, that the great American military leaders and war politicians were great American military leaders and war politicians, instead of teaching you the verifiable truth, that they were intellectually absent, stupid, malicious, power-damaged minds which could not recognize the concept of "shame", or any process of reasoning, even if those pitiable power-damaged minds were handed a dictionary and an English teacher for their questions of the meanings of words and arrangements of words.

War is the zenith process for "theft", by definition, besides killing and destruction. You were correctly taught that "theft" (also killing and destruction) is bad (an unsustainable, damaging contradiction). But you were also institutionally taught that "war" is variously glorious, necessary, patriotic, steeped in great tradition, a badge of courage, the source of "leaders", (good) and a gaggle of such institutionally adorned lies and rhetorical garbage. That is obviously a contradiction. A majority of YOU believe the laughably illogical, unsustainable, damaging lies, or wars would have ended with democracy. A majority of YOU hold minds that CANNOT resolve the contradiction of war being both theft and glorious, by manifest proof of a democracy sustaining, currently seven (7) shooting wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Philippines).
The war issue is only an example of one of the more dramatic and damaging human-caused contradictions. When Americans eventually discover that the power-damaged minds of the US federal government Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have summarily written the self-serving, internal wealth producing laws that verifiably kill vastly more Americans than any killing-crazed military could even hope to kill, countless family names will be changed to disassociate the family members from the repugnant power-damaged minds of every FDA employee of this era. The worst of the wonton murders of the military, void of the understanding of shame, are saints compared to FDA personnel, verifiable against any questions, with a simple series of questions. Upon analysis of force-imposed damaging contradictions, the power-based agencies of the power-based US government make the damages of all prior government regimes idle amusement by comparison. The fall of the American empire will replace the Roman Empire as the world's primary example of such.

The first thing that "power" does in the human mind, is to re-route the neural processes to eliminate any recognition of "shame". Are young boys taught that they have power over girls? Are government personnel taught that they hold the power of their agencies? What does military training do to every fool who joins the military? In the internet age, when the sons and daughters of the FDA personnel learn what their parents did to them and the American society, if said sons and daughters have by chance avoided or escaped adopting the perception of "power" over all you other people, you will get to share their laughter at their own recognition of their absolute contempt for their parents, and their emerging from such ignorance.
Now think. The process to efficiently resolve all the human-caused, damaging contradictions, and promptly manifest any reasoning based goal, has been offered with the offer to verify it against any questions any humans could ask. So what would cause every human mind to not inquire for such valuable, VERIFIABLE knowledge, while knowledge itself cannot offer greater credibility than every question of it offering a verifiably accurate answer?

Again, what did you males learn about the openly accepted (by males) superiority of males over females, AND HOW DID THAT PERCEPTION INHERENTLY ALTER YOUR MIND'S OTHER PERCEPTIONS?

AND what did you females learn about the openly accepted (by females) superiority of female minds over those obviously idiot males, AND HOW DID THAT PERCEPTION INHERENTLY ALTER YOUR MIND'S OTHER PERCEPTIONS?

What process does your mind use to resolve contradictions, that does not use your mind's prior learned process?

While an impartial scientist can learn and present the proof that any action or event inherently alters other actions or events, a power-damaged mind cannot understand that concept in relation to the concept of power.

Even with the offer to convey the knowledge to any female organization leaders, the simple process to suddenly reverse the male dominant social structure of every country, to a female dominant structure, in which the females make the controlling decisions for social governance, which many female organization leaders have been offered, not one of them can understand the offer, even if they read these words. Their minds are damaged by the perceptions induced by being among the female GROUP, therefore holding "power", instead of being what they actually are, individual minds isolated in a cranium with no possible intellectual advantage over males, by being females, and with only ONE possible advantage available to them as humans, that being KNOWLEDGE.

Until you learn the KNOWLEDGE of the functional design of the human mind, you are a victim of that design. After you learn that knowledge, you are among the very few at any one time during history, who "get the joke", and laugh at everything the humans do. They are the best comedy on the rock.

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